Top ten mistakes not to make when shopping for your wedding dress

Buying your wedding dress is one of the most exciting purchases of your life. Every bride wants to walk down the aisle feeling gorgeous, glamorous and relaxed – and that means choosing exactly the right dress for you, but with all the pressure to find ‘The One’, dress shopping can be stressful. Here are a the top ten tips to make your experience as easy as possible

1- Shopping Too Early

Set a date and choose a venue before you shop so you know your time frame and the setting you'll be wearing your dress in. "Nowadays weddings are often themed so if it’s a festival style barn wedding with bales of hay to sit on and a hog roast, a sophisticated, glittering, mermaid style gown may not suit the venue as well as something a bit more comfortable and relaxed would! "Consider the venue and the kind of wedding you’re planning before rushing off and placing a deposit on something that might not work."

2- Shopping Too Late

Start looking at least nine months before the wedding to allow time for your dress to be ordered and for any alterations.

3- Taking Too Many people With You

Think carefully about how many people you bring shopping with you. Don’t take everyone with you just to keep them all happy, take one or two people who you can trust
and will give you honest feedback." Conflicting opinions will make you second guess yourself. I've had tears of sadness because the bride is pulled by her entourage, and she doesn't know who to listen to. I keep on reminding my brides that they are the star of the show; they have to feel good in this dress and be confident; they have to wear the dress, the dress doesn't wear them.
4- Getting Baffled By Terminology
Sweetheart? Illusion? Bateau? Before you step foot in a bridal boutique, get to grips with the different words you might hear in the shop. If in doubt, ask
the bridal shop consultant.
5- Worrying About Sizing
Wedding dress designers use different sizing methods so ignore the label. If it fits, that’s all that matters. If you find one that doesn’t quite fit don’t worry. It's much easier to
have your dress taken in that let out. Don't gamble on the fact you think you will lose weight and don't put that pressure on yourself during the already stressful time of wedding planning. Though there is always the option to have a corset panel in depending on the style.
6- Ignoring Your Budget
A dress should be dreamy, but the price needs to be realistic; it’s not worth sacrificing a honeymoon for! Don’t try on dresses you can’t afford “just to see how they look” as can be torture if you fall in love.
7- Sacrificing Your Personal Style
If you have a quirky style of dress, embrace it. If you're more classic, work with that. Don't feel like you have to pick a dress that isn't true to you.
8- Buying A Dress You Don't Absolutely Love
If you have any reservations at all, keep looking. When you've found 'The One', you'll know. Don't worry if you have wobbles after buying your dress though - this is
totally normal. As soon as you see it (and try it on again, just because!) you'll remember why you fell in love with it. 

9- Expecting Expensive To Be Best 

A wedding dress should suit you and you should love it, irrespective of the designer or price tag. It doesn't matter where it's from or who it's by as long as you
can't imagine yourself wearing anything else. Quite often the quality of cheaper dresses is of no detriment to the garment, you are just nit paying for the branding.

10- Being Embarrassed To Ask Questions
Ask every single question that comes into your head - however silly you think it might sound, do it! Being forearmed is being forewarned; not only that but you won't be waking in the middle of the night in a panic over the most random question you forgot to ask,I am personally happy to answer any questions however small to ensure you have the best possible experience.


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